A Donor’s Overview

How The Program Works

  1. Committed to furthering the mission of your favorite charity, you find out that your charity has a vehicle donation program.
  2. To learn more about the Vehicle Donation process, you can call the 800 number or tour this website.
  3. Now, ready to donate your vehicle? You call 800-242-9045 & start the donation process. After we gather some details, we will follow up with a call usually within 24-48 hours and schedule the vehicle for pickup. Your vehicle will be picked up usually within 24-72 hours of coordinating the pickup with you.
  4. We can also answer any questions you may have regarding properly handling the title to the vehicle.
  5. Once the vehicle is picked up, the Vehicle Donation Station mails you an initial donation acknowledgment letter.
  6. The vehicle is processed through our partner, maximizing the value to the charity or non-profit.
  7. After disposition of the vehicle and final accounting is completed. For vehicles that sell for more than $500 we issue you a 1098C, This tax document is used for tax reporting. Each tax situation is different so please consult your tax advisor.
  8. A check along with a detailed accounting of the sale proceeds is sent to your charity or non-profit furthering the mission of the organization.

It’s a Win-Win!