Charity’s FAQs

Who is the Vehicle Donation Station?

The Vehicle Donation Station is a an organization serving charities and non-profits nationwide. Our program was developed by industry executives who recognized the opportunities afforded charities and non-profits who partners with the right vehicle donation program.

We provide a service that allows any charity or non-profit in the country to leverage the benefits a vehicle donation program can have on furthering their mission. We assist charities and non-profits by providing a turn-key Vehicle Donation Program allowing the charity and non-profit to focus on its mission.


How is the Vehicle Donation Station program different from others?

The Vehicle Donation Station’s turn-key system allows your charity to focus its times and treasures on furthering its mission. An important step is to help you through the educational process. Through our website and related links you, your staff, and Board can learn about the  many facets and benefits of our vehicle Donation Program.


How much of the vehicle proceeds end up going to my charity?

How much the charity receives will vary depending on the sale price, cost of towing, titling, and selling the vehicle. Generally, your charity will receive up to 70% of the gross profits from the sale of the vehicle.


How does the Vehicle Donation Station get paid?

One of the cornerstones of the Vehicle Donation Station is transparency. The Vehicle Donation Station receives a management fee and commission from the proceeds of the sale of donated vehicles and has developed a sliding fee scale. The management fees help cover the cost of running the program.


Who is the Asset Donation Foundation?

The Asset Donation Foundation (“ADF”), a 503(c)3 organization, was organized with the primary mission of accepting vehicle donations on behalf of other charities. ADF partnered with the Vehicle Donation Station and may accept vehicles across the country.


How does Vehicle Donation Station manage the tax reporting for the charity?

The Vehicle Donation Station are experts in the area of tax reporting compliance and requirements for both the charity and donor. The Vehicle Donation Station on behalf of ADF files all required documents with the IRS and provides the donor the appropriate tax acknowledgement and IRS form 1098C.


Is there any liability to the Non-Profit?

No. The vehicle or other asset is donated to the Asset Donation Foundation (“ADF”) and intermediary 501(c)3 organization formed to accept asset donations. This allows participating charities like yours to avoid any line-of-title liability and receive the net proceeds of an asset donation turn-key. All expenses are incurred by ADF, the intermediary 501(c)3.


Is a vehicle donation tax deductible for the donor?

Donors are entitled to receive a Tax Deduction equal to the sales price of the vehicle, if they itemize their deductions. If the vehicle sold for less that $500, donors can deduct the “fair market value” up to $500. When the vehicle sells for more than $500 the donor will receive a tax receipt or IRS Form 1098C stating what the vehicle was sold for within 30 days of its sale. The donor should always consult their tax advisor.


What vehicles do you accept?

We accept almost any type of vehicle running or not. A partial list includes Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, RV’s, Boats, ATV’s, Snowmobiles, Airplanes, Farm Equipment, etc. If you have a unique item give us a call at 1-800-242-9045.

In some instances the cost of transporting and disposition may exceed the ultimate value of that vehicle. In this rare instance, we will work with you in locating an alternative means of disposition.


What geographic area do you cover?

We are nationwide. For example you can have a donor living in Minnesota but have a vehicle in Arizona. No problem, our donation program is nationwide and we can schedule a pick-up in Arizona that meets the needs of your donor.


Are there any costs to our charity or the donor?

No. There is never a cost to your organization or the donor. The costs of towing, title transfer, processing and management of the vehicle donation program are paid for out of the proceeds of the vehicle sale.

In the event the sale proceeds are less than the ultimate cost, the Vehicle Donation makes up the difference.


How does vehicle titling work?

Although each state has its own set of title transfer rules, the vast majority of title transfers are straightforward and our experts handle the transfer without any intervention.

If donors have unique circumstances or have lost their title, they should contact us at 1-800-242-9045. Our remarketing partner are experts in resolving title and DMV issues.



Checkout Donor FAQs or Call the Vehicle Donation Station at 1-800-242-9045 for more information.