Charity’s Corner

Implementing and running an effective vehicle donation program leveraging the Vehicle Donation Station is an excellent way to raise new and additional funds in support of your mission.

Why the Vehicle Donation Station’s Vehicle Donation Program is a “must-have” for every non-profit:

Vehicle Donation can be a significant incremental source of funding

“There is no question that donors to non-profits eventually hit donor fatigue. With so many worthy causes people eventually just say “NO” to writing another check. The Vehicle Donation Station offers a turn-key alternative that donors really feel good about”

Vehicle Donation Station’s turn-key program

The Vehicle Donation Station is a turn-key Vehicle Donation Program which can be implemented immediately. We provide the resources and expertise to allow your organization to start reaching this new this funding source without allocating your already stretched time and treasure.

Vehicle Donation Has a Strong Appeal to Donors

Depending upon a donor’s personal tax situation, many donors receive a significant tax benefit and at the same time, feel good about supporting their favorite charity or non-profit. By donating their vehicle, donors also avoid dealing with dealers and attempting to negotiate a fair trade-in value or even the bigger headaches, potential expensive, and anxiety of selling to a private party. The Vehicle Donation Station advocates the benefits of donating their vehicle and the positive impact it makes to the receiving charity or non-profit.

Setting up a vehicle donation program is a financial win-win.

The Vehicle Donation Station creates positive cash flows to your charity or non-profit. There are no out of pocket fees to participate in, in our program, ever. All expenses associated with our program are deducted out of the proceeds of vehicle sales. In the unusual event a vehicle is sold for less that the costs associated with its disposition the loss is not passed onto the charity but absorbed by the Vehicle Donation station. A win-win.

The Vehicle Donation Station is the Right Partner

The Vehicle Donation Station was founded by industry veterans who recognized the need in the marketplace for a program that would offer the best combination of service, support, and value while making transparency its cornerstone.